South Korea

Anonymous asked: Hi! your pictures are beautiful, i was wondering what type of camera you used?

Hello!! Thank you so much for your compliment :-) I use a Canon 50D. 


Yesenia!! Thanks about my pictures :) I took them with my little camera that I got when you were here! Its nice to hear that everything is going good at school. I was thinking about you today and how I wish you were still here.

Korea wanted me to tell you that it misses you too.


I’ve been home for a little over a week. My welcome home was full of tears of joy and lots of hugs at the airport. Exhausted from my long trip back home, laying my head on my pillow, in my home, was a great feeling. 

I realized many things upon my return, so far:

  • I love having my parents and siblings there to see everyday.
  • having food in the fridge 24/7
  •  having home cooked meals 
  • the feeling of driving with music in the background is awesome
  • coming back to work with such warm and happy welcomes
  • realizing that what I experienced in Korea is something that I will always have with me

It’s been kind of a rush trying to get back to work, getting used to some changes that they implemented, getting things ready for the next semester, and trying to input the valuable things I learned in Korea into my daily things. 

Traveling is such a beautiful, and exhausting thing, and the feeling of coming back home is indescribable. 

I leave exactly one week from tomorrow. I have been busy and stressing over finals this week, but the thought of being  home for the holidays cheers me up! It feels surreal how fast my stay here went by and how close I am to going back home. I can remember exactly how it was when I departed for Seoul. 

I am excited to go back home. Being away from my loved ones really made me appreciate all of their love, attention, help, and support they have given me. Going back, I can’t wait to spend time with them, share my experiences, and tackle what’s to come next year. I feel refreshed, and with an open mind and heart. 

8 days…! 

Seoul Herbal Medicine Market- photo documentary for photography & printmedia final.

Song by Gustavo Santaolalla, “Apertura” 

1881 Heritage 

1881 Heritage